The Third times our Kazakhstan customer bought our top hammer drilling tools


 I have to say, we have a very good customer from Kazakhstan, he has buy our top hammer drilling tools(include rock button bit T45 T51, drill rod, and rod connection) for the third times within a year, though at first we take some time to know each other, we can understand the custome need some time to consider and compare the company and products, after about a month negotionate and communacating, we start our First business, our good quality and competitive price make we get a more closer relationship, our products gain a good reflection in Kazakhstan market, especially for the mining and quarry, our customer's business also have a great development.

And this is the third times our Argentina customer buy the drill bit, drill rod and other drilling tools from us. Now the customer received our products, he's very satisfied with our drilling tools.
Also thanks for our customer's support and feedback, wish our customer have a very good business.