High Air Pressure DTH Hammers

Processing Type:Forging

Advantages:Simple structure, reliable parts, long life span etc.

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High Air Pressure DTH Hammers

It is a kind of high air pressure DTH hammer and it is our newest design. It is also one of the most advanced DTH hammers in the world.

1.High air pressure DTH hammer size from 3" to 12"(76mm-304mm)

2.Shank types including COP, QL,DHD, MISSION,HD,IR, SD,TD, etc.

3.Connect Thread : API 2 3/8" , API 3 1/2 , Reg-6 5/8"Reg etc.


High Air Pressure DTH Hammers  advantages:

1.Out of the trouble of foot valve fracture and expansion and contraction.

2.Lower energy consumption and higher impact frequency. The drilling speed is 15%-30% higher than the one with foot valve.

3.Simple structure, reliable parts, long life span, easy and cheap maintenance.

4.Lower air and oil consumption. The oil consumption is about 10% lower than the one with foot valve.


Our company is the professional drill bits supplier! After many years experience we provide the worldwide customers ideal drill bits ! Especially the DTH hammers. Optimized designs improve the drilling efficiency. And automatic production line ensure the quality stability of product. Strict requirements of heat-treatment guarantee durability of the bits


 KD Series DTH Hammer

KSD Series DTH Hammer


KQL Series DTH Hammer

KHM Series DTH Hammer



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