Low Air Pressure DTH Hammers

Operating Air Pressure:0.7Mpa and 1.75Mpa

Advantages:Lower air consumption and lower oil consumption

Application:Especially suitable for quarrying,Mining or Construction industry.

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Brief Introduction of DTH Hammers

Down the hole rock tools (drilling tools) are rock drilling equipment which takes compressed air as power source to partially transfer impact power into drilling holes. An air distributing device in a top hammer controls a piston to move back and forth. An impact device arranged in the front of the top hammer transfers the impact power to a down-the-hole bit to crush rocks. 

1. Based on previous experience of ordinary hammers, combined with the features of reverse circulation hammer, optimized internal structure and ideal energy transfer, thus ensuring the series of hammers drilling with fast, smooth and continuous sampling.

2. The internal structure is very simple with components of high rigidity, thus ensuring long life and easy maintenance of the hammer.

3. The  collection  tube  adopts  an  integrative  design  and  can  be  replaced  without  disassembling  the  hammer.  

4. Equipped with bits designed with patent. Simply by replacing the drill bit, the same hammer

can drill holes of different sizes ensuring that the sample is not contaminated.

5. In difficult conditions such as loose soil, hard rock and plenty of water exists, sampling can be done well.

low dth hammer.jpg

low dth hammer.jpgFeatures of Low Air Pressure DTH Hammers:

1 The operating air pressure are between 0.7Mpa and 1.75Mpa

2 Valveless hammers

3 Simple structure, easy to assemble and to disassemble, long life span.

4 Higher impact frequency and faster drilling speed.

5 Lower air consumption and lower oil consumption. A hole can be drilled on the check valve to provide more efficient cuttings discharge.

6 Especially suitable for quarrying

Our company is the professional drill bits supplier! After many years experience we provide the worldwide customers ideal DTH hammers. Optimized designs improve the drilling efficiency. And automatic production line ensure the quality stability of product. Strict requirements of heat-treatment guarantee durability of the bits.



 NBR DTH Hammer


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